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Crowd gathers around the schooner Nancy at Nantasket
Leslie Jones, 1927
Boston Public Library Print Department, Leslie Jones Collection
Accession # 08_06_006495

“  Sail Scheveningen 2019

 “   …   Photographer:  Carlo Pronk on Flickr


“ Star of India “  …  Setting Sails

Forbidden views of Chieftain’s bottom 😋

A view of Cheiftain you originally wouldn’t want to see 😂

The Treehouse is up!

And she needs volunteers!

Shrouds of a ship
James Skitt Matthews, circa 1920
City of Vancouver Archives
Reference code AM54-S4-: Bo P558


A Man O’ War can be a frightful thing indeed mates! Keep a weather eye on that horizon an’ make sure ye know just what sort o’ sails be closin’ in!


U.S.C.G. Barque EAGLE. Photo from tag sale.

Sailing ship and rowboat in Burrard Inlet
James Skitt Matthews, circa 1904
City of Vancouver Archives
Reference code AM54-S4-: SGN 319