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Dawid Figielek


Europa in the Scotia Sea, Feb. 2019


HMS Hydra at Cape Bagur, 7 August 1807

by British School, 1833

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Wreck of the Swedish warship Mars, which exploded during the first battle of Öland, 1564 (Baltic Sea) [3000X2121]


Calm Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1863




Yangshan City Port. The world’s biggest container port opens new Silk Road …

Yangshan city port is the world’s number one container port and a crucial part of China’s Belt and Road initiative to develop a seamless logistical infrastructure for its goods across the world.
Located at the mouth of the Yangtse River outside Shanghai, Yangshan handles more containers than any of its rivals, thanks to the latest technology. RTD gets a tour of the facilities with a port operations assistant, a crane operator and a harbour pilot, and sees what’s involved in maintaining the port’s reputation.

To understand what made China’s historic Maritime Silk Road so great and why the country is so keen to revive the spirit of that era in the 21st century, RTD also takes a trip to the Maritime Silk Road Museum in Guangdong province. There, a tenth-century shipwreck, the Nanhai 1, is yielding its valuable cargo’s secrets to archaeologists. Meanwhile, social scientists explain why China believes combining technological innovation and sea trade gives it such an edge.


Two boats by moonlight, by Arai Yoshimune (ca. 1920).