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Why is there group chats on here now? Why does tumblr think I’m gonna start talking to people now?

I’m trying to figure which Aubreyad book would be best to pick up just as a re-read… any suggestions?

I just realized that I have only changed my icon 2 times, my description 0 my header 0 times

Has anyone read the Charles Hayden series? (Not sure what a fandom might be called I have yet to see anyone reading it)

I am on the last book and I can’t eVENNNNN

I mean like… half French half British naval captain? How much more brutally torn could you get?

I’m a little depressed because I moved and now my room isn’t big enough to display my nautical decor and I may have cried while I put it all into boxes for the closet 😭

Also I’m so sad that I haven’t even posted on this blog like it’s getting dusty 😔


do u have those mutuals who are like WAY COOLER THAN U and when they reblog/like ur stuff ur just like 👀💯✔️👀

I love knowing how to read welsh correctly because I can laugh when someone says


I don’t think it’s coincidence that I was at a mounted archery competition yesterday and then today a mounted archery tag shows up in recommended. What u up to tumblr??

Tell me I’m not the only writer that has heaps of unfinished stories/fics stashed away in some folder named asdfjkgkj

I have been thinking about what to submit to @ageofsailsuggestions for awhile but I seem to be on brain freeze and can’t think of anything good!