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Why is there group chats on here now? Why does tumblr think I’m gonna start talking to people now?

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join the royal navy with the assistance of a pressgang

A helpful lot, the press gang.


I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but I love it.


“Babbington looked wretchedly from one to the other, licked his lips and said, ’ I ate your rat, sir. I am very sorry, and I ask your pardon.’ ‘Did you so?’ said Stephen mildly. ‘Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Listen, Jack, will you look at my list, now?’ ‘He only ate it when it was dead,’ said Jack. ‘It would have been a strangely hasty, agitated meal, had he ate it before,’ said Stephen, looking attentively at his list.“”

— HMS Surprise – Patrick O’Brian


Write a gentlemanly letter to the captain of an enemy frigate, politely inviting him to come out and fight you.


Stephen Maturin and myself alike about 160 pages into Master and Commander

Need I say more?