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Montauk Lighthouse, Long Island, New York

“  Mermaid with Seashell  “  …  Artist:  Victoria Frances [Spain]

“  Lighthouse with Boat  “  …  Japan, Circa 1954



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Happy #NationalLighthouseDay! On August 7, 1789, Congress approved an act to support lighthouses, beacons, buoys, and piers. To celebrate we wanted to share this ca. 1890 photo of the United States Lighthouse Depot on Staten Island, now the site of the National Lighthouse Museum.

The General Lighthouse Depot, occasionally referred to as the Tompkinsville Lighthouse Depot, was founded in 1862 to serve as the central supply and maintenance station for all lighthouses and lightships in the US Lighthouse Service’s 3rd District. This District naturally included the critical Port of New York. The station constructed and maintained Fresnel lenses, manufactured all kinds of lighthouse structural materials, and stored thousands of gallons of oil in its underground vaults.

Today you can visit the National Lighthouse Museum and learn about the navigational significance and maritime heritage of lighthouses throughout the world.

Image: Unknown Artist, “United States Lighthouse Depot, Staten Island” ca. 1890. Photographic print. Museum Purchase, 2001.031.0002

The Thomas Point Lighthouse is the last active screw-pile lighthouse on its original foundation in the U.S. and the last lighthouse manned by U.S. Coast Guardsmen on the Chesapeake Bay. The light is maintained by Aids to Navigation Team Baltimore. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Walter T. Ham IV.

life inside a wave washed lighthouse out to sea.


Blackwell Island, New York


Blackwell Island, New York

“  Lighthouse in the Fog  “