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“It was now the fifth sister’s turn; her birthday happened to be in the winter and so she saw what
the others had not seen on their first visit. The water looked quite green and great icebergs were
swimming around in it, each of them looked like a pearl, she said, and yet they were far bigger than
the church towers humans built. They appeared in the most remarkable shapes and glittered like
diamonds. She had sat down on one of the largest and all the sailing ships, in fright, gave her a wide
berth, where she sat letting the wind play with her long hair; but later in the evening the sky became
overcast, there was thunder and lightning, while the black sea lifted the great blocks of ice high up
and let them gleam in the red lightning. The sails were taken in on all the ships, and they were in
fear and dread, but she calmly sat on her swimming iceberg and watched the blue stroke of
lightning zigzag down into the gleaming sea

Hánykódnak a hajók,
Sűlyednek a pokolra, 
Az árboc és vitorla,
Megtörve, tépve lóg.

“  A Sailor’s Mermaid  “

“  A Sailor’s Mermaid  “



Brad Holland

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Victoria Frances ~ El Lamento Del Oceano

This mermaid looks a lot like I do. I’ve never seen a mermaid who reminds me so much of myself.

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Jean Boullet

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‘The Ashmole Bestiary’, England 1201-1225

Bodleian Library, MS. Ashmole 1511, fol. 65v

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Koi acrylic by MRH 2017

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From Yarns of an Old Mariner by Mary Cowden Clarke and illustrated by George Cruikshank, 1800.

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“  The Sailor’s Family  “

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“The Ghostly Carrack,” from The Jolly Roger by Hume Nisbet, 1892.

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No title.
No caption.