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swanngalleries:“Acapulco” by #WilliamCopley de…


“Acapulco” by #WilliamCopley demonstrates a selection of the artist’s signature iconography: guillotines, doves, dachshunds, tiny nudes and bidets, can be seen in the fragmented background.
The work was likely executed during Copley’s stay in Acapulco while he and his wife were visiting fellow art collector, Dolores Olmedo Phillips, also known as Lola to her friends.
The 1958 oil on canvas sold at our Contemporary Art auction today for a price realized of $100,000.
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katevasnormandy: Isabela is on a voyage. All …


Isabela is on a voyage. All orders placed from now until 11/12/2018 will be shipped on 11/12!

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detailedart: Details; 1. Willem van de Velde: …


Details; 1. Willem van de Velde: A ship in need in a raging storm, ca. 1680. 2. Ludolf Bakhuysen: Warships in a Heavy Storm, ca.1695.

iceboundterror: HMS Erebus and HMS Terror of…


HMS Erebus and HMS Terror of the doomed Franklin expedition.

Digital painting, Photoshop & Wacom Intuos tablet.

Print available



crossheadstudios: Row, row, row your boat. Bee…


Row, row, row your boat.

Been working on expanding my list of transport battlemaps, featuring vehicles one might often use when preparing a long journey from point A to B. This month I focused on naval transport, starting with small boats like a rowboat, a canoe and a fisherman’s ship slowly building up to larger ships like Schooners and Galleons.

Having one of these at your disposal is especially great when you are playing a campaign where your players have a ship as their actual home base, going from island to island. Played a campaign like that in the past, and even though it ended up being a pretty short lived campaign, I’ve always loved the concept and thought about doing one again in the future.

These maps will all be available for my patrons in HD and as separate files with alpha layers to put on any other background, but I am also having a free giveaway for one of my Instagram followers. All you have to do is follow me on Instagram and like the giveaway post HERE!

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ltwilliammowett: A diorama of HMS ‘Victory’ a…


A diorama of HMS ‘Victory’
afloat in Portsmouth harbour with a paddle steamer in the foregound, the
whole under a glass dome. It was made of oak from ‘Victory’.

A note from the maker William C. Barnaby states: ‘This case contains a
model of HMS Victory. The model is made from oak cut out by me with the
broken blade of a hacksaw from a split in the timber of the continuation
of the rib against which admiral Lord Nelson died in the cockpit below.
I was a boy discharged from HMS Volage to Victory to await rating to
Ordinary Seaman on attaining the age of 18 in February 1895. The Victory
is shown against the background of the Gosport shore – where she lay
moored in 1894. On the left is Fort Blockhouse, Haslar Creek, HMS
Vincent, training ship, Camper & Nicholson Yacht Builders, Gosport,
‘Hard’ with floating bridge and half Perry, Lapthorne & Ratsey’s
sailmaking loft, Royal Clarence Victualling Yard with model of Royal
Yacht Osborne in which Queen Victoria made her frequent trips from the
yard to Osborne House. Extreme right shows HMS Bachante which made the
trip round the world with the two young princes, the Duke of York and
Duke of Clarence 1879-80’.

Date made
circa 1895

artist-sargent: In a Levantine Port, 1905, Joh…


In a Levantine Port, 1905, John Singer Sargent

Medium: watercolor, paper

lawrenceleemagnuson: Christopher Richard Wynne…


Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson (UK 1889-1946)
The Arrival (c.1913)
oil on canvas 76.2 x 63.5 cm