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“  Liveaboards in Hong Kong  “  …  Unknown Photographer [1975]

“  America’s Cup  “   …   Poster [1934]


This octopus wants to know: have you been following the E/V Nautilus expedition in Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones national marine sanctuaries?

We’re exploring the deep waters of these national marine sanctuaries with Nautilus Live, and you can watch the expedition in real time at! Tune in for the chance to see adorable octopuses and more. 

Learn more about the expedition. 

(Photo: OET/NOAA) 

[Image description: A purple-ish octopus on the seafloor.]



Lotus Long

Publicity Photo for: “Last of the Pagans” (1935)

Lotus Long (July 18, 1909 – September 14, 1990) was an American actress. She was born Lotus Pearl Shibata in New Jersey, to a father of Japanese ancestry and a mother of Hawaiian ancestry.


Mermaid by Brazilian contemporary artist Caroline Jamhour 

“  Glistening Gold in the Caribbean  “  …  Artist:   seaspire on DeviantArt

This Facebook Group has interesting and informative posts of interest to anyone that admires those boats utilizing the gaff rig. 

Classic Sailing Yacht Seabird PART 1 Boatyard STAGNOL – William Fife 

My Classic Boat Myfanwy 1897


“ Art Deco Mermaid “  …  Life Magazine Cover, June 1931 … Artist: Henry Heier

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