3, 12, and 13?

3, 12, and 13?

3. Funniest historical kerfuffle?
Napoleon once ordered a rabbit hunt with senior generals and politicians. His aide was ordered to round up 2,000 wild rabbits, except the unlucky guy cut corners and bought 2,000 tame ones. They’re released from their hutches, see Napoleon, and decided that it must be feeding time. Rather than fleeing they charge him en-mass, causing him to turn tail and speed off in his carriage, bunnies in hot pursuit. 

12. If you could prevent one tragedy, which would you choose?

I’ll be boring and say the Titanic, or possibly the Aberfan disaster. 

13. Fun fact?

Carrots are orange because of the Dutch and William of Orange. They used to be all sorts of colours (black, purple, white), but the Dutch promoted the orange ones so much as a form of propaganda that they became the mainstream.