I was tagged by @historically-inclined​ thank you! i never get ANY mentions…possibly because I don’t talk to anyone, LOL.

Gender: Female

Height: 5’2

Time: 3:43 pm

🎂: May 7th

Song stuck in my head: nothing

Fave bands/artists: None

Last 📺 show I 👀: Gran Hotel

Last movie I 👀: Dragonheart

What do I post: nautical, age of sail, ocean animals, but I blog landscape,  books,teaching stuff, period dramas, etc on my more feminine side blog.

Do I get asks: i think in the whole 4-5 years I have been on here I have gotten around 10 asks…

Url meaning: I don’t need to answer this, if you don’t know what my url means then idk what to tell you.

Average hours of 💤: idk 7?

Nationality: English American (I may have turned loyalist in the american rev. just sayin…)

 i dont know who to tag so if you see this and you want to do it. do it.