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Hey do you dream of running away to sea to become a sailor? BOY HOWDY DO I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU:

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport has just launched their new training program, Sea School NW. Lemme tell you why this is a huge deal: 

The professional maritime world is massively male-dominated, with only 2% of the global industry identifying as female. This program, run by some of the most inclusive, enthusiastic folks in the business, aims to change change that by providing subsidized professional training for underrepresented groups wanting to break into the field.

They’re only accepting scholarship folks right now, which means the only requirements are being age 18-35 and making less than double the federal poverty level for 2017 ($24,280 annually for a single person). 

You’ll spend eight weeks sailing aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain, preparing to earn your USCG Ordinary Seaman Credential and advance your trade skills through hands-on-instruction, online coursework, marine system classes, industry mentorship and job skill development.


This is a really awesome thing that Grays Harbor is doing! These skills are incredibly useful. I can’t count how many times I’ve been frustrated by inadequate knotwork or line-handling on my non-sailing research boat. Line handling is something every boat requires, but maritime academies and educational facilities don’t teach how to do it practically.