“  20 secrets the cruise industry doesn’t want…

“  20 secrets the cruise industry doesn’t want you to know   “ … Number 8:  Cruise Ships leave a huge carbon footprint  …  

Cruise ships are responsible for significant air pollution from
the dirty fuel they burn, which can lead to serious human health
problems. Even while at dock, cruise ships often run dirty diesel
engines to provide electrical power to passengers and crew.
Emissions from cruise ship engines include NOx, SOx, CO2, and
diesel PM, the microscopic soot that is so damaging to human
health. Among other health and environmental impacts, these
emissions contribute significantly to serious cardiovascular
problems, premature death, acid rain, habitat destruction, and
climate change. According to the EPA, each day an average cruise
ship is at sea it emits more SOx than 13 million cars and more soot
than 1 million cars.

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